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When you need automotive brake repair done in Cypress and the surrounding areas, call Action Auto. We offer superior service at competitive prices. Our ASE certified technicians use only the highest quality parts, to get any job done right the first time. We offer a on most repairs. Contact us at 1-714-203-6647.

Many modern vehicles have disc brakes on the front wheels. This is a part of the brake system that actually stops the car. There are three main components of a disc brake system: the brake pads, the caliper, which contains a piston and the rotor, which is mounted to the hub. In a disc brake, the pads squeeze the rotor. It is the friction between the pads and the disc that slows the disc down. The most common type of service required for brakes is to change the brake pads. Most disc brakes have a wear indicator, which is a piece of metal that will make a squealing sound when enough of the friction material is worn away.

When you are looking for quality automotive repair in the Cypress area, call Action Auto. We are a family owned and operated business that has been part of the Orange County community for 30 years. Action Auto is AAA certified and offers AAA members a 10% discount (up to $50.00) on all repairs. We are Brake and Light Inspection certified and offer a coupon for $25.00 off any service or repair for our first time customers. Call us today at 1-714-203-6647.

ABS Brakes Cypress

When you are in the Cypress area and need ABS brake repair, call Action Auto. We are open 6 days a week and offer a convenient night drop off service. We are able to complete most repairs in the same day, but if you need more extensive repairs, we will arrange discounted rental car service. Action Auto offers a free shuttle service to your office or home. Our mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us at 1-714-203-6647.

ABS is now standard equipment on most vehicles. It works by sensors telling your vehicles computer when a wheel stops rotating, which indicates (when the car still has forward speed), that the brakes have overpowered the available traction for that particular wheel. At this point, the computer will direct a hydraulic value to release some brake fluid pressure to the wheel, to let it rotate again. This process repeats many times per second, until your foot comes off the brake pedal or the vehicle stops. Action Auto has the electrical repair knowledge to repair ABS brakes.

When you need service to repair your ABS, call Action Auto. We do Chevy repair and most Foreign and Domestic Cars. We are also specialists in Toyota repair and warranty or recall repairs. At Action Auto, we have a comfortable waiting room, with hot coffee and room to relax. We provide expert vehicle maintenance to get your car back on the road quickly. We know your time is valuable and at Action Auto, our customers are our first priority. Call us today at 1-714-203-6647 for all your Automotive Repair questions!

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