Summer Car AC Tips to Beat the Heat

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During the hot summer months in Southern California, Millions of motorist will take to the highways and byways on annual camping trips, beach parties or simply head out towards the desert and enjoy off-roading. Keeping friends and family comfortable during long summer trips hinges on keeping them cool amongst other details, such as packing sunscreen, booking hotels, and of course bringing the kids favorite DVDs to watch. Here are a few quick car A/C tips that can get you and your passengers cooled down and ready to enjoy the trip.

Speed up the cool

To get a summer car trip started off right, you want to bring down the internal temperature of your car to a comfortable level quickly, especially if you are unfortunate enough to step into So-Cal’s famously hot summer temps. Before cranking up the AC in your Car, partially lower all the windows enough to allow air to vent out. Once the air conditioning is turned up, the vented windows will allow the warm internal air to be displaced quicker. This also helps improve AC performance and gets your family and friends chilled-out quicker. Go ahead and close-up the windows when the temperature feels just right.

Boost your AC to the MAX

As the heat rises outside during summer road trips, it’s easy to overlook a quick way to boost you’re A/Cs ability to keep everyone cool. Just hit that MAX button. What is it and why should your care? Well, the MAX A/C button allows your car to either use fresh air from outside or circulated air from inside as it cools. This can be a big deal during 100+ degree weather. If you are venting in fresh hot air from outside, your AC needs to work overtime just to bring down the temperature. Instead, by switch the MAX button to circulated air, indicated by a logo with a small arrow doing a U-turn, your car only has to circulate internal air.

Say Goodbye to AC odors

Now that everyone’s at the perfect temp and relaxing, what is that horrible stench! Unfortunately, AC odors can happen to many older vehicles. The culprit of the bad small can range from bacteria to fungus growth in the AC system, which may result in an unpleasant musty odor. How can this be avoided in the first place? During your trip, a few minutes before your next gas stop or restroom break, try turning off you’re A/C. This will give your air conditioning a chance to remove any remaining moisture from the system and eliminate the likelihood of mold buildup.

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